Level 212
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Danger level: Unsecure

Description: This level is an infinite meadow with a wooden shack in the middle. The field gives an off feeling of being watched. The meadow is flat and is devoid of flowerings. Nobody knows what is in the wooden shack because most of the time when they enter the wooden shack they get transported to an unknown level. 30 minutes in this level, there will be a robed presence will stare at the wanderer. If the wanderer runs, it begins to teleport closer to the wanderer. This entity will only move when the viewer is breathing for some reason. When stayed long enough, the level will slowly transition into Level 120. It is thought that this is the initial generation of level 120 or the real entrance to level 120. Some theorize that this the true level 120 and level 212 is level 120 but ever since the incident in level 11, the time seemed to bend.

Entities: The robed entity, death moths (Female)

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exits:
Find a lighted splint and extinguish it in Level 69

Enter the wooden shack to exit into every level or wait for it to transition into level 120.

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