Level 22
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Danger level: Dangerous

Description: This level resembles an infinite parking lot with rarely seen cars or vehicles parked. This place has a serious infestation of skin stealers, luckily, they are only friendly when you don't touch them. Smilers can be seen in darkness. Pillars that are made of yellow and white cement are common signs of changes. The longer one stays in level 22, the more dangerous it become. Entering a car will be met with The Clown.

Colonies and outposts: O7 organization, the survivors, security team, and base outpost bus stop.

Entities: Smilers, Skin stealers, hounds, Hostile facelings, lightnings, The Clown

CONCERNING THE CLOWN: when a wanderer enters a car, the clown will suddenly appear at the backseat with static like noises emitting. Do not let the clown outside the car. The clown is a serious glitch in the backrooms and can create void holes to The End. This is a fatal corruption that can detach levels from their original recreations. However, most wanderers are killed once they noticed the clowns. So do not enter a car in any circumstances to prevent a fatal corruption. See Incident 204.

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