Level 221
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Danger level": Safe

Description: Level 221 is a neon room with high ceiling and a large cyan stained window. When looking out, the viewer will see a dystopic city at night, featuring new york in 2300. In this room, there is a fountain with and exit by the side. A pepsi vending machine that dispose strange pepsi and neon wall lightnings with scattered pots of plants. This level contains no entities but gives off a strong liminialistic effect. It is said that the liministi8c effect is very strong and can even cause wanderers to dream while awake.

Entities: Gordo

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exits: Being only off by liminiality, it can be entered only by dreams. By dreaming of a dystopian futureistic city. Exit through the door into Level 11 or enter the fountain which slowly transition into Level 33.7

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