Level 222
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Danger level: Dangerous

Description: Level 222 is the 223rd level. It resembles an abandoned movie theatre that spans over 500 billion kilometers. This level is mostly unexplored and they are home to countless entities.

The bathroom is the most dangerous area of the level, it is home to wall worms and other hostile entities 92% of the time.

The auditorium gives a similar Level 74 effect, it has cooling air conditioners and movies to watch.

The hallway is where most people end up being lost as it is mostly 3-way direction.

Any bombardment attempt characterised to have revealed the endless void beyond.

Entities: Wall worms, smilers, skin stealers, dullers, hounds, growlers

Colonies and outposts: The trapped M.E.G. consists of 40 members who are trying to escape the level. They are willing to trade but in under a condition that they are not traded with a religious particle

Entrances and exits: Enter it via a transition in Level 74 and exit by noclipping. If possible exiting to the frontroom is possible or even The Promised Land.

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