Level 23
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Danger level: Safe Unsafe

Description: This Level is the most beautiful level of all, it resembles the frontrooms where everything is normal. This Level has no entitiies except we but if you see us in the dark, make sure you are prepared for a long- This level is always morning but has low chance of being night. Avoid dark places as much as possible and make sure to read with caution for text typed in monospace in Level 23. Most wanderers in level 23 went missing after they investigate the dark so it is best to avoid dark places as much as possible.

Entities: we

Colonies and outposts: The converted wanderers, 1200 of them in the darkness.

Entrances and exits: Noclip any globe in Level 11 to end up here. To exit, ummmmm i dont think you can do that in this level. Or, cover yourself in a blanket for 2 hours to end up in Level 22 10 hours to end up in Level 1000.

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