Level 26
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Danger level: Hazardous

Description: Level 26 is a finite level of the backrooms that stretches millions of kilometers away. The layout is similar to that of level 0. There are random staircases and rooms that lead to nowhere. The level is heavily infested with dullers and skin stealers. The level can have long corridors that can reach up to 90 million kilometers. Lightnings changes which means that smilers are also common. As many people say, this Level is continually growing and shrinking in accordance to the Frontrooms. The rooms in Level 26 all correspond to a room in the real world. It appears that when you enter this Level, it will cause you to materialize in the area of the Level that corresponds to your own house. That said, houses can be seen sticthing together in the corridors harp-hazardly. Windows can be occasionally be seen in this level.

Entities: Windows, Smilers, Deathmoths, Clumps, Dullers, Hounds, Facelings, Skin-Stealers.

Colonies and outposts: The abandoned outposts: engineers

Entrances And Exits: This Level has only one entrance. This entrance is on Level 13 at Floor 13. You can exit to negative levels by noclipping through certain furniture. The other exits are found through staircases that can lead to The Basement. You can also stay in level 26 for a few days to end up in Level 0

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