Level 27
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Danger Level: Hazardous

Description: Level 27 is a seven trillion square mile room with randomly segmented rooms and corridors that differs from every other room. A room could be nothing but doors or a seeminglessly long infinite corridor with rooms that differ from the previous. It can be as small as only 70 centimeters. The lightning in here flickers and can cause a blackout which can transport a wanderer to Level 28. The first area which is Level 27-1 is all made out of wood and that is the starting area which most wanderers end up to. Entities are much more common in there and lights literally shut off any time soon. Level 27-2 is the area where the walls and doors are made out of concrete and wood and entities are less common but more hostile. This is the only area that a blackout will transport a wanderer to another Level. Level 27-3 is made out old wooden tile floors with every thing that are broken of mutilated. Wood tiles can sometimes fall and injure a wanderer. Entities are more common but are even more hostile than the ones in Level 27-1. It is said that before opening the door, one must check if it is quiet by leaning an ear onto a door. If sounds are heard do not proceed, vacate the premises and if there is none, proceed with extreme caution. Smilers are very common in this level especially level 27-1 and 27-2.

Colonies and outposts: Outposts support

Entities: Dullers, Smilers, Lightnings, Windows, Skin stealers, Eye poppers, Anomaly 008, death rats, death moths, The bloom fungi, "Amelicious".

Entrances and Exits: Fell through a floor of Level 11. Noclip a wooden area of Level 0. Enter a maze in Level 283. To exit, wait for a blackout in level 27-2 to enter Level 28, or noclip a darker area to end up in Level 9.

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