Level 3
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A picture of a more prison looking area within Level 3. Photographer unknown and presumed dead.

Danger level: Hostile

Description: Level 3 is a long sectored underground maintenance tunnel with each hall being claustrophobic. The hallways can be even more claustrophobic then Level 2 but some walls appear to be much more cleaner than the previous walls. Occasionally you are able to find a more prison like area in Level 3, these areas are rumored to be more dangerous but havs higher chances of finding useful supplies. Pipes are very common in this level and a door can be found randomly in level 3. Sometimes, the door can lead to Level 62 or Level 63. The entity encounter rate in level 3 is almost 90%, and it is not known what will happen if the lights turned off. Even a hallway can be about 70km long. While it is very dangerous, Level 3 also possesses hot spots for extremely good weapons and survival kits. Items such as almond water, AK-47s, Smoke bombs, Bandages and Level keys can be found randomly on the floor.

Entities: Death rats, Death moths, Hounds, Skin stealers, smilers, dullers and possibly partygoers.

Group Bases/Outposts: The sad wanderers, The M.E.G. base camp aiding 2 and O7 organization colony base exploration 1.
Wandering Traders Base Beta-8: A Wandering Traders Base built in Level 3 built to hold survivors in need due to the danger of Level 3

Entrances/Exits: Enter Level 3 through a sewage pipe of Level 2, enter a door in Level 2 to end up here, enter the rusty door of Level 62, go down the elevator of Level 4 and Level 5, or noclip in level 0's torn wall paper [ which is very unlikely ]. To exit, you can, find a rusty metal door to end up in Level 62 or Level 63, enter the elevator to press 4 or 5 to enter Level 4, or Level 5, find a narrower corridor to end up in Level 2, and finally find a fire exit to end up in Level 6.

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