Level 33
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Danger Level: Progressively Euclid

Description: Level 33 is an infinite mall with a large variety of stalls. These stalls are either always empty or the doors are stuck and cannot budge. The ceiling is as high as 60 meters and there are multiple floors to explore. The first 0-50 miles has no entities but very rarely there can be skin stealers. The corrosion state will activate at 50 miles, and at that point the mall will begin to gradually lose its condition, to the point where when walked far enough in the mall, the mall will be no longer a mall.

The Corrosion State: The corrosion state will activate once the wanderer wanderer 50 miles into the mall. At this point there will be no turning back. But the mall will refresh once new wanderer enters the mall.

0 - 50 miles:
Danger Level: Safe
This is the only safe state, lights do not flicker and there is water. Simply, the mall is freshly built with clean walls and floors. Entities in this area are rare, mostly lightnings and windows are only entities there. The mall is illuminated with bright lights. Electronics function well in this part.

50 - 100 miles:
Danger Level: Slightly Passive
The corrosion state begins here. Lights flicker at interval of every hour, and can shut down for as long as 2 hours. The first signs of corrosion are the chairs being not neatly arranged, tiles of the floor are cracked, the walls and floors are quite dirty, and it is very rare to find stores being mutilated severely. Stores are now very old looking and places where there are no lights are beginning to be found more commonly. Puddles of water are present in this state and smilers can be seen in dark places. Death rats, skin stealers and hostile lightnings can be found in this state.

100 - 200 miles:
Danger Level: Dangerous
This is the dangerous point. Hallucinations normally occur in this part of the level. Lights flicker every 2-10 minutes and can sometimes fail to function about 5 hours before coming back up again. This is the point where the light emitted from the windows will be dimmed significantly, causing luminosity in the level to increase beyond 9. Entities are common in this level. Mold can be seen growing on escalators, elevator walls and worn down stores. Water level rises to about 1.2 feet, the tiles on the floor can be missing and the roof top tiles may suddenly fall on the wanderer. Electronic devices malfunction in this part.

200 - 250 miles:
Danger level: Treacherous
The lights can flicker non stop before shutting down for more than 20 hours. This can cause a headache. Water level rises to 2.5 feet and many of the floor tiles are missing. With so many stores being torn and worn down, dark areas are becoming a norm here. Hallucinations are guaranteed at this point and can sometimes physically harm the wanderers. Smilers can teleport close if a wanderer is not careful. The roof is covered with a black substance which severely darkens the environment. Stairs are more likely to have missing pieces and walls may reveal the skeletal infrastructure, mold can be seen growing on almost everything. The lights may suddenly fall onto the wanderer and the temperature here can reach as high as 34 degrees Celsius. Fires can suddenly break out in some stores, adding on to the heat.

250 - 500 miles:
Danger Level: Disastrous
Lights stop working and you rarely could see one flickering. Hostile entities such as skin stealers, clumps, dullers and smilers can be seen in this state. Water rises to about 6 feet which can severely impact exploration. Hostile marine creatures can sometimes be seen in the water. The second floor is severely mutilated, with sometimes a large portion of the wall being missing, revealing rusty pipes. It is very dark so it is advisable to bring a torchlight. The floor has no more tiles and the ceiling is unobservable.

500 - 800 miles
Danger level: Very Hostile
This is where 85% of wanderers die to entities. The water Level has risen to 12 feet and most of the mall is no longer a mall but an array of rusty pipes. Some pipes are broken some are not. There is nothing except parts of concrete walls and exposed wires. The floor is no where to be seen except for hostile marine life. Entities here are extremely hostile and hallucinations are no longer hallucinations and the walls can become broken pipes.

800 - 1000 miles:
Danger Level: Extremely hostile
Only 2 wanderers managed to survive. The entities will start to chase you about like the one in Level ! and the walls are so far apart that only few occasionally broken pipes are seen in the black abyss. No lights are in this area and the water level is about 20 feet. Access to the second floor is impossible. Entities are everywhere even in water and in front. Seaweed can be found growing in the waters and can entangle the wanderer before drowning them.

1000 - 2000 miles:
Danger level: Deadzone
This point, the walls become stone walls and grass can be seen all over. Entities there are so hostile that they sometimes attack each other. There is a foul smell and the water that is replaced with black goo is now 45 feet. The thing in level 7 may appear. Sometimes there is light illuminating from a not so far window and at this point, most of the objects are covered with moss.

2000 - 2500 miles:
Danger level: Neutral
The last wanderer who explored this area managed to survive, water level has lowered the point where the wanderer can touch their feet on the grass. No entities can be found at this point. The stone walls are replaced with dirt and hallucinations ceased, the wanderer ended up in a place where it is covered by grass and light can be seen. The sound of running water can be heard even thought its only puddles that remained.

2500 - 8000 miles
Danger Level: Danger
At this point, the wanderer have successfully gone to Level 34. This is the area where the "mall" changes into a sewage pipe with occasional windows. The is the final stage of the corrosion state, and the level begin to slowly drift into Level 34 where entities such as clumps are found commonly there. Beyond 8000 miles is just level 34 of the backrooms.
Level 33 is no longer, and going back is futile to go back to Level 33.

Entities: Almost all entities found in the backrooms with the exception of entity 198 and entity 67 as well as entity 68.

Group Bases/Outposts: The survivors, The M.E.G., the store vendors.
Wandering Traders Base Beta-9: A Wandering Traders base built in Level 33 to help guide people away from the corrosion state, however is the wanderer who wants to access the corrosion state is persistent enough, the wanderer will be let through. Due to this, Level 33 is currently known as a safe haven, as entities cannot be found in Level 33's "Safe Zone" due to this base.

Entrances/Exits: Enter a mall from Level 11, sleep on a bed from Level !, enter an orange store from Level 69, swim deep enough in Level 7 to end up in the corrosion state. To exit, simply go back the way you came in or noclip the floor to end up in Level 0. Noclip in a balloon store to end up in Level Fun =). You can also wander far enough to end up in Level 34.

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