Level 34
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Danger level: Danger

Description: The level takes place of underground sewage. Fecal matter and gastrointestinal tracts of a death mice floods the area. The walls are made up of brick. Floors of sewage are concreted with black mud. Due to a horrible stench, level 34 is the most hated levels. Smilers and other dark lurking entities are very common in here.

Entities: Smilers, Lurkers, Flawed Impersonators, Dullers, Eye Crawlers, Death Mice and Moths

Colonies and Outposts: None

Entrances and exits:
-Noclip the tiled floor in Level 54
-Spend 7 days in Level 20001
-Wander far enough in Level 33

-If you see a red door, enter it. You will be sent to The Hub
-Climb a ladder to Level 11
-Noclip the wall, maybe you will find something.

Tip: Since the level is infested with Eye Crawlers, it is advisable that you try to close your eyes.
The most incredibly helpful advice is to crawl on the [REDACTED]

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