Level 38
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Danger level: Neutral

Description: The level is an infinite airport in chicago. White tile checked floors and tall granite multi-coloured specks of pillars are common structures and signs and papers here speaks common tongue however are deciphered in many areas. Food here are mostly expired, and the drinks are somewhat still fresh. When the lights went out, a specific humanoid entity spawns. Some are very friendly while some are hostile. There are stationary air planes in here which will not take off. Outside the window, a great view of liminial forest is beyond the horizon.

Entities: Reversed, Tulpa, Flawed Impersonators, Facelings, welly ( from the plushie shop )

Colonies and outposts: Food stationers, The survivors, Access Denied, Personaters

Entrances and exits:
-Ride a plane in Level infinite to end up here
-Do the air ritual in Level 111
-Noclip Level 9
-Noclip the floor of Level 102
-Eat some form of suspicious food in Level 6.1

-Open the red door in a restroom to end up in Level 80
-Observe a red plane coming in, enter the red plane transport you to Level 38.7
-Breaking a wooden wall reveals an entrance to Level 3.3

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