Level 4
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A picture of Level 4 and some of it's windows. Photographer unknown.

Danger Level: Safe

Description: Level 4 is an empty office building devoid of any entities except friendly windows, the layout is similar to Level 0 but with softer light bulbs, white concrete, and the foul smelling yellow carpet is replaced with a brown carpet. Sometimes, it is possible to find random vending machines or elevators that can transport you to a different level 4. There will be multiple doors that can lead to a room of Level 4, or a sub Level 4.3. One wanderer claimed that he saw a smiler but this was unconfirmed.

Entities Windows, lightnings, Death rats [ quite rare ], hounds [ possible ].

Group Bases/Outposts: Quite a number of colonies but these are some of the few.
M.E.G. base exploration aid 4
O7 organization outpost
The survivors, and
The B.P.D.T. outposts [ may change ]
Wandering Traders Base Delta-3: A Wandering Traders base made in Level 4 for research. It has enough supplies to last 5 wanderers a single week.

Entrances/Exits: Enter Level 4 from an elevator in Level 3, enter an empty office building from Level 11, find a door from Level 4.3 and noclip into the carpet of Level 0. To exit, just like Level Fun =), you can go back the way you came in. Walking down a dark staircase will lead to The Abyss.

Additional notes:
Although skin stealers are rare in this level, a wanderer and one of his friends reported to the M.E.G. that they found a skin stealers nest. It was terminated with fire shortly and from that incident onwards, no skin stealers have dared to attempt to make a nest in level 4.

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