Level 4.3
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Danger Level: Unsafe

Description: Level 4.3 is the sub level of Level 4, it is accessed through a door in level 4. This Level is similar to Level 3 except for the fact that it has significantly lesser entities and no pipes. The walls are made of white concrete that could sometimes fall off. There can be twist and turns around the level and is very hard to traverse. Skin stealers are found common here.

Entities: Skin stealers, Windows, Facelings

Colonies and outposts: The sub engimatic base aidation 3, The whopper colony, the construction workers and base delta 15 and 16.

Entrances and exits: Find the door in level 4 to end up here. Noclip a crack in Level 0 to end up here. Enter a large house from Level 9. To exit, follow the black arrow to end up in Level 11 Sleep for 10 hours to end up in Level 33 bed store. Find a tank and noclip it to end up in Level 7.

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