Level 42
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Danger level: Inescapable [ almost ]

Description: Level 42 seemed to be a small waiting room with 5 rows of chairs. The room at the corner was a "I give up pit" which resembles a lava pit which somehow gives out no heat but will burn any wanderer who touches it. This level has an almost 0% chance of escaping and one of the elite levels that must be taken care of. This level has a sink all the way at the back as well. There are no entities here.

Colonies and outposts: None.

Entities: None

Entrances and exits: Eat a chocolate bar in Level 6.1 saying 'I can't win"!. Enter a waiting house in Level 11. There is no exit, but, when noclipping the lava, there is a two percent chance to end up in Level 11 but dangerously close to a volcano.

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