Level 5
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Danger Level: Neutral [ Dangerous when sanity levels drop below 10 ]

Description: Level 5 is an extremely large hotel with multiple floors. There are two sections of the hotel, the "living" room, and the boiler room. Although most of the hotel is completely free of entities, the wanderer always have an overwhelming sense of dread. They always describe that "some one was following me " and footsteps can be heard. Once a wanderer's sanity levels drop below 10, they will start to see a creature with a telephone head with tentacles attached to the back. Even though the creature poses no harm to human beings, this creature is the main reason why normal people become insanities. The almond water in level 5 might be filled with liquid pain, so it is not advisable to drink the liquid.

The Living Room: The living room consists of a counter in front with multiple furnishings which looked like the one in 1930s. The style would change unknowingly. The Living Rooms are connected by 4 sectored set of stairs descending and ascending to the next floors. The Living Room may sometimes consists of facelings resting on the furniture and/or planting flowers.

The Boiler Room:: The boiler room consists of an assortments of large pipes and small pipes. The temperature there can reach as high as 42 degrees celsius. They are generated by independent light power stationed on the side of the hotel which was unknown. Liquid pain can be found in that level, however, it was extremely dangerous as smilers can appear when the boiler room turns dark. If walking far enough in the boiler room, the wanderer could end up in Level 6

Entities:The creature of level 5, smilers, facelings, lightings [ harmless ]

Group Bases/Outposts: The M.E.G., the settlers, and the guests.

Entrances/Exits: Enter by pressing a "5" button on an elevator of Level 3
Enter by the room 005 of Level 4. Find a hotel that named "Terror 005" in Level 11 Wander aimlessly in Level 6 might bring you back in level 5. To exit, go to the boiler room and wander as deep into it as possible to get into Level 6, Find the elevator to end up in Level 3 or Level 4. Going through one of the doors in the beverly room will bring you to Level 5.2. Exiting the hotel might bring you to Level 0 or Level 11. Drinking big bottles of liquid pain might end you up in Level 42, not recommended!!!

Concerning the creature of Level 5:
Do not look at the creature for more than 20 seconds. As reports claimed that victims are floating in the middle of the air. Otherwise suffocating to death by the creature. Do try to ignore it as much as possible. Do not attempt to attack the creature.

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