Level 54
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Danger level: Variable

Description: Level 54 is a long narrow corridor that expands infinitely. There lights and carpetted floors. There will be a blue door every 4 meters and sometimes painting can be found. Since the corridor is very narrow, it is impossible for outposts to be construction. This level have 4 phases ranging anywhere from stable to anarchy.

Phase 1: Very safe
A 2.8 meter in diameter, it has loose carpet floors and metal railings. The lights flicker rarely and it also spawns some skin stealers. This level is common for its almond water fountain.

Phase 2: Unstable
Glitches of the levels take place here. The corridor is narrowed to 2 meters and there are glitches everywhere. The glitch can sometimes discombobulae any geometric objects. The entities are hostile here

Phase 3: Anarchy
Absolute choas takes place. The path is narrowed to 1.7 meters and the surroundings is pitch red black monotone and are very glitchy. Accidental noclip is very common and it has missing floor tiles.

Phase 4: Deadzone
The level resembles a void as everything is pitch black. Non living organisms now moves due to glitches. No more than 5 people explored here as path narrowed to 80 centimeters.

Phase 5: Mysterious Properties
Assuming that dark matter is not less than w = -1.9. This phase will exist but the current dark matter is w = -1.4 This level does exists. Given that no wanderers survived past phase 4, phase 5 is still a mystery and might not even exist.

Entities: Skin stealers, hounds, facelings

Colonies and outposts: The hotel manager

Entrances and exits:

Noclip the ceiling in level 0 to end up here
Close your eyes while eating a chocolate with number 54 on it will get you here
Pressing a 54 button in Level 3 will end up here

Opening the blue door brings you to The Hub. You will also obtain a Levels Key

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