Level 55
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Danger level: Neutral

Image taken by an unknown photographer.

Description: Level 55 comprises of a liminic space mall with many sections and direction. There is seats and plants and features of a normalistic mall. There is a glass pane for a window and you might see facelings walking back and fourth between each store. The food court had food that is constantly restock every 12 hours. The supermarket will also have the meat and counter section. The clothing and toy shop are mostly empty but there might be traces of fabric. Sometimes, there will be a white door randomly appearing into thin air but in under no circumstances enter the white door. When you do, you will end up in Level 999. There is a rusty metal door which is believed to be the maintanence shaft.

The maintanance shaft: The maintanance shaft is a long deep gray corridor consisting of radio transmitters and death rats can be seen scurrying around. In this area, smilers roam the place. The area is very hot compared to the cool mall.

Entities: Hounds, Facelings, Smilers, Death rats, Small archinids

Colonies and outposts: The cooking class, Technician, and Outpost food and water restoration

Entrances and exits:

-Noclip the ceiling of Level 74
-Enter a red door in Level Omega
-Get hit by a golf club in Level 11 to end up waking up here
-Drink hot distilled coffee in Level 90

-Enter the white door to enter Level 999
-Touch four different buttons you can find to teleport to Level 88
-Noclip a dark green wall to enter Level 2180 or dark purple wall to end up in Level 3999

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