Level 6
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Danger Level: Hostile

Description: Level 6 is an dark level where nothing is illuminated, which means it is very dangerous. Your sanity drops extremely quick here. It cannot be lit, so you'd have to be extraordinarily careful incase an entity is near, as this place was infamous for it's insanity infestation. There are no known bases on this level. God truly save you if something touches you. Because it sure as hell knows you're there.

Entites Insanities, smilers, skin stealers, child facelings, clumps, death moths, death rats, dullers, crawlers, wretches and possibly hook heads

Colonies and outposts None

Entrances and exits To enter, wander far enough in the boiler room of Level 5 or exit Level 5.2 through a hotel entrance.

Accidentally trip on a wire to enter Level 6.1 [ intentionally tripping won't work ]. Wander aimlessly to somehow end up in Level 7.

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