Level 7
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Danger Level: Hazardous

Description: Level 7 is a flooded house with many objects floating around. It is very dark in Level 7 and thus smilers are very common there. The water will continuously rise at the rate of 2 centimeters every 5 minutes. There is a creature in the water that can devour any wanderer if they are not careful. The house is infinitely huge and traversing through the level is very difficult due to the nature of some places. Some rooms have a lot of objects sticking onto the paintings, some have windows that may lead to The Outside. Level 7 house has only one floor and stairs can rarely be seen that can lead to Level 92272256710992 which is the final level of the backrooms. But this is not confirmed.

Entities: Smilers, Clumps, Dullers, Skin stealers, Death moths, The thing in level 7

Group Bases/Outposts: The survivors, Exploration raft supply outpost, and the group of Level 7.

Entrances/Exits: Wander far enough from Level 6 to end up here. Diving deep enough from Level -33.1 can end up here. Going into the swimming pool with a sofa submerged in Level 11, have a chance to end up here. To exit, dive deep enough in Level 7 to have a chance to end up in Level -33 or find a cave to lead you to Level 8.

Concerning the group of level 7:
They are very friendly and willing to trade but will feed you to the thing in level 7 if you eat, drink or sleep in their base. The source of method is to inject drugs that will make you sleepy before sacrificing you to the thing in level 7. So do not do anything in their base except for trading.

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