Level 74
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Danger Level: Danger to mental health [ Megmetic hazard ]

Description: Level 74 seemed to be a concert hall that have many sectored rooms along the hallway. There will be facelings in every concert hall to watch the concert which consists of 5 black man with white mask dancing in a disturbing manner with a strange nostalgic music played throughout the hall. However after spending two hours in level 74, the facelings and everything will disappear, leaving a dead silence. The silence is so dead that you can feel like someone is watching you but there will be absolutely no one. At this point, sanity levels will drop in an alarmingly fast rate which completely turns the wanderer into an insanity. There will be an exit door but after spending 4 hours, the walls will close in which will crush the wanderer. After no one is present, the level will restore back its previous session.

Entities: Facelings

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exists: Exit the door to end up in Level 11 city, enter a slightly damage door in Level 2 to end up here. Noclip the chairs to end up in Level 0

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