Level 77
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Danger level: Safe

Description: Level 77 takes place of an infinite cottage. The cottage is full of supplies in every way possible. The tiles are wooden made and it is lit with light bulbs. The level is cold. There is multiple stairs that lead up and down the cottage. There is typically a refridgerator, a couch, some chairs, and a bedroom with a large window that cannot be broken. This level also had friendly entities such as plush water droplet or "The wellies" and even a plush dino you can find in Level 18.

Colonies and outposts: The survivors, The Investigators, Base alpha 45

Entities: Welly! and the plus dino

Entrances and exists: There is a small chance when going into the cottage of Level 10. You can also noclip a raquet blue couch in [[[Level 11] to end up here. So far only 1 exit is recorded which is eating the egg you and only you cooked it. This teleports you to Level 63 or Level 62.

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