Level 89
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Danger level: Safe

Description: Level 89 used to take a shape of a 1940s parlor. Due to an incident in level 11 the level has changed to a terrain similar to that of starfell valley. Even though the terrain changed, entities such as smiler are extremely common at night however won't hurt unless being exposed. There is countless abandoned buildings that resembles the 19 centurary british houses. They comprises of a small town that are heavily infested by slimes. They take form of a translucent being that has ovals for eyes. Even though they aren't scary, they are hostile and if not careful can severely chock a wanderer to death. So far, their attacks hurts no one and minimally cause bruises. Unless if they are swalled or consume, the wanderer might chock to death. The slime can deform and if left unnoticed, it can grow into a humongous size.

Entities: Slimes, smilers and native partypoopers

Colonies and outposts: Slime exterminator, the br-ish colony, outpost ice tayler

Entrance and exits: You can only enter here through noclipping of Level Minus 5 or the entrance of the cottage from Level 10. To exit, stay exposed in starfell valley for 7 days to end up in level 10. Eat an ice cream in this level to teleport to the Old Level 89. Noclipping a slime in level 89 leads you to Level M.2

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