Level 9

Danger Level: Hostile

Description: Level 9 is a suburban place in The Backrooms. It is always dark, and there are several dangers throughout the level. The road and sidewalk can be slippery and cause severe head damage. Houses can be seen clipping into each other here.

The Neighborhood Watch: Dangerous entities that roam Level 9, if caught in their sight, you get disintegrated. To escape them, hide in a house.

Group Bases/Outposts: Wandering Traders Base Alpha-14.

Entrances/Exits: To enter, trip in Level 8. To exit, walk into a wheat field to enter either Level 9.1 or Level 10. You can also noclip in a backyard to enter Level 10. The recommended way to exit is to follow road signs for 100-200 miles to enter Level 11.

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