Level 98
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Danger Level: Dangerous

Description: This is a very large cave with a tower in the middle providing a light source. The tower holds skin stealers and smilers are spotted in all direction. The cave is approximately 78 kilmoeters high and it has creepy automations that can literally rip of the heart of the victims. There are cliffs and its 101% dark. This is the part where a tower with corals appear. Enka pearls are common here. Theres a large door and a long narrow pathway that lead to Level 99.

Enemies: Smilers, Dullers, Crawlers, Driplets

Colonies and outposts: None

Entrances and exits: Find a hole in Level 7, Level 11 or Level 89.
To exit, noclip a pearl to find yourself in Level 6.1. Splash a green puddle of water to fall into Level 10, or Level 0. Enter the long narrow pathway that lead to Level 98.

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