Level Fun
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Danger level: Deadzone Completely safe =)

Description: Small party room with cartoon animals on the walls. There is a huge wooden door which seems like the entrance, and windows at the side. The windows are not an entity but you still should not climb in the window from Level 188 so you can come in to join the fun =). The host is currently not available which is good as it can wreak havoc in the minds of the victims which is unfortunate as it is our best friend =). There is a small yellow light that is hostile friendly when it comes in contact with human skin. =) We definitely will be upset if no one comes to the party. =)

Entities: Partygoers [ which is us =) ]

Colonies and outposts: O7 colonization, the funland, the survivors The party and the cake table =)

Entrances/Exits: You can noclip in the ceiling in Level 1 to end up here. Not advisable It is recommended! =). You can enter through a big set of double doors with multi colored confetti with balloons in Level 283. If you see confetti flying out of the windows in Level 188, stay away from there climb in to join the fun! =) You can also come here by noclipping in the elephant of Level 18. If you want to exit, just go back to way you came in or noclip in the table to end up in Level 5 Why would you want to leave? =)

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