Level M.2
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Danger level: Very Safe

Description: This level is a room filed with everyday things such as televisions that do not work, and couches. The walls are white and everything here is clean. There are no entities here and the environment is very suitable. The room will kick the wanderer out once they stay here for too long.

Entities: Pillows who are friendly. [ Sometimes they say "bao" randomly ]

Colonies and outposts: The cleaner renewer only 1 person, friendly but do not trade

Entrances and exits: Entrances, in Level B feel a sense a extreme emotional distress to end up here, find a white appartment building from Level 11. To exit, simply stay here for more than 4 weeks to get kicked out to Level M or noclip the white walls to end up in The Manila Room or open the door to lead you to Level 9 house.

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