Level Minus 5
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Danger Level: Deadzone. [ it is not because of entities but the environment ]

Description: This place is so deadly that out of 60 explorers, 2 survived to tell the tale. The level is comprised of a snowy tundra with a cottage in the middle. The temperature here can reach as cold as -190 degrees celsius, and there will be heavy avalanche every 5 minutes. The cottage is not safe as in fact, the cottage may collapse and severely injure a wanderer. The trees are not safe too, a mere touch is 99.9% guaranteed a deep cut. Mostly no entities can be spotted here, but you can see occassional hounds. There will always be a snowstorm that can strip clean the wanderers skin. When a wanderer touches the kettle in level -5, they will immediately have their finger burnt. Slipping on the ice are 101% a skull fracture. The death rate is a whopping 95%.

Entities: hounds

Group Bases/Outposts: None to speak of due to the dangers of Level -5

Entrances/Exits: You can come here by noclipping from Level -4, you can enter the snowy tundra in the winter season of Level 11. There is literally no easy way of exiting but you can try noclipping in the cottage, it has a small chance to bring you to Level 62 house.

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