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Heyo, Kade here. So, again… I decided to make a whole new project that I will be dedicating to myself only, meaning that this is a solo project. Fully done by me, fully written by me, fully edited by me and fully managed by me. It is a full fledged solo project that I'm doing at the moment with the Novel as well. First I'll introduce what is 'Liminal' and no it's not the definition that I'll be describing it as lol. Liminal is a new solo project made by me that follows the story of James who is a photographer who basically loves taking pictures of liminal spaces. (Yes, he is canonically a part of the liminal spaces subreddit) In short, James basically goes 'too far off reality' and well, in backrooms terms… got lost in the wrong place. The whole story is based from a horror game that I recently replayed called, 'Cry of Fear' (it's story is really good and well-driven and I highly consider you play it :>) It's probably a more longer project than the Novel because well, no one is helping me out on this, only I will be doing the writing and everything else basically. This page like the Novel, will provide full updates on chapters and more. Anyways, cheers. - Kade

25.1.2023 - Announcement of Liminal

It's… It's above this.

25.1.2023 - Liminal's First Chapter!

Liminal's first chapter, 'Unfamiliarity' is released! Well… at least the first part of chapter 1. Yeah.. this is a solo project, meaning I can't just write a whole chapter in one page. So there will probably more chapters moving on that will have parts so this is just a taste of what's to come. Anyways, enjoy and part 2 will probably release soon enough with Chapter 4 of the novel too! Cheers. - Kade

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