Liquid Pain Sacrifisation, found by penguinexplore
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I found this on an abandoned M.E.G. base in Level 8. The names are not known however but their role is recorded.

Potioneer: I found something

Scout: What is it.

Potioneer: A red liquid which tasted weird

Scout: Taste like almond water?

Potioneer: Yea, Level 8 makes me real thirsty

Scout: *Thinks* I wonder if doc says anything about this

10 minutes later

Potioneer: OWWW

Scout: What is it What is it.

Potioneer: Someone like shot me in the stomach but I see no blood

Scout: Huh? Is it like a stomachache?

Potioneer: YES YES YES

Scout: What the that is strange how did you-

Potioneer: Yellow stuff is leaking from my leg too.

Scout: What the- okay i will send someone to help you

Potioneer: Alright Alright but my head feels a little bigger tho.

20 minutes later

Potioneer: Hey Hey can you hear me.

Scout: Someone is on their way

Potioneer: I know but my leg suddenly turned red like it was bleeding on the inside.

Scout: Hold on, this seemed to be started after you drank the red liquid, is it poisoned?

Potioneer: No no I am fine I am fine.

Scout: Huh? What the? Hey! I could see your bone outline so clear in detail!

Potioneer: Ah is that so?

Scout: Yes Someones in Level 8

Potioneer: *Screams very loud followed by multiple burstings. Then sounds of thick liquid rushed to the camera*

When the camera focus improved, penguinexplore was forced to turn away from a very gruesome sight of a surprisingly alive potioneer lying with a human heart pounding beside him with his head decapitated from his body. The potioneer was severely in pain and he wished that this process was fatal.

Scout: Oh my goodness I must alert all the people to not drink that liquid.

15 days later

Ari, Zanning and penguin explored level 8, while Ari and Zanning is exploring, penguin recovered a lost log from the M.E.G. unknowingly spiders fed on the corpses, and the potioneer finally died after a long severe pain. penguin managed to find some of the liquid pain remises and decides to study it while Ari and Zanning call out for him for a long climb. After wards, no traces of the potioneer was found and the scout has declared missing.

Scout: !!!

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