A New Beginning Novel Updates

So for some odd reason, the original page for the novel updates is now gone so now… we have to do this all over (again.) There's not much to update but we'll try our best to do what we can. - Cheers, Kade


How exciting. We have to redo this shit all over again! (thanks wikidot, I love you) Anyway, there's not really much we can do here except just post this as a frustration notice/venting post because of how dumb somehow that the original update page was removed from the wikidot somehow to the point where Kade doesn't even know how it did.

Maybe it got corrupted, maybe it got removed on accident, who the hell knows but we're back in business baby!!! (totally not written by a drunk tuut) - tuut :3


WE. FUCKING. COOKED. THAT'S RIGHT! Chapter 4 releases in a few minutes from the time I'm writing this or maybe… it already has released HEHEHEHEHAHHAHA but FINALLY! WE COOKED AND NOW IT IS TIME TO SERVE BOYS! - Cheers, Kade

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