Object 10
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Danger level: Safe

Description: Object 10 is a wooden table with a bookshelf attached to it as shown in the picture. H115%20v1-700x700.jpg The object can be found in a store of level 11. The computer can be switched on. It only has 2 files; E6diexx.exe and Irisedown.exe. Opening the E6diexx will result in a death by brain haemorrahge 4 minutes after activation and the Irisedown.exe will trigger an event whereby gravity is doubled. This effect last for 1 hour. The computer also never runs out of battery.

Object 10.1: Pencils and paper goes as a pair. While drawing, writing, or scribling, the pencil will not lose its sharpness. It is made out of graphite and andesite, there is an encased Ruby on top of the Pencil.

Object 10.2: Books from Object 10 are quite thick. They have blank pages. It says that the thickness of the book increases for every 10 page the writer produces. The page is made out of clean refined plastic which is almost undecernable to paper. There are 5 books. Each have 1300 pages each

Object 10.3: Alarm clocks on the object rings every 60 days. There is a certain chance that the alarm clock might also become a countdown watch on a major disaster. So far only 2 occurances occur. They are [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] which have killed 9 [REDACTED] people.

Object 10.4: The scissors are the sharpest tool in the object. When hold on for 5 minutes, it slowly cause excessive hunger, followed by an anxiety attack, and lastly a lost of smell. This last for a day. This also includes the stapler and its bullets. They however, caused a much longer debuff.

Object 10.5: Toys from the shelf are simple rubix cubes and slinkies. They are basic types of toys and are harmless. So far, they seemed to be very addictive.

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