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Hey, welcome to the first page of my guide to the Backrooms. This might be short for a first page so I’ll try to improve as I go on. To be fair, it’s hard doing this while walking in the void and at the same time your batteries dying. So I’ll make it quick for now. So, you were minding your own business and probably having fun until you suddenly fall through the floor and ended up surrounded by walls and lights with that annoying sound of buzzing from those bulbs. Trust me, aside from the annoying sounds of the bulbs buzzing, you are now in a place where if you noclip out of reality, you end up in… The Backrooms!

Now I know what you may think. Where am I? Is there a way I could go back? Well… chances are… probably none. But first off, welcome to Level 0! Kinda of a fresh start considering this is probably the only safest level in the Backrooms. Despite from some entities of course.

Oh yeah. Entities are bad. Not most of them but I just suggest you not to run into one. Or worst. Partygoers. I’ll explain those fuckers in a later page. Now if your lost and don’t know where to go, I’ll put it simple. There’s a group of wanderers notably the M.E.G. They have a base in the Level that you can go and find atleast some help. They’re extremely kind to new wanderers or any actually who come across their base. Well I’ll tell you more in the next page. Phone’s on 12%. Just ask if they have a map to give you for the level. I’m sure they’ll have plenty. Oh yeah one more thing, Almond Water is your friend.

Page 1

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