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Gender: Genderfluid
Age: 23(Actual) 187318219831(Backrooms)
Birthday: Unknown
Height: 304 cm (10 feet)
Hairs: Orange (human) None (God)
Eyes: Brown (human) black and white (God)

Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
No siblings

Status: God
Occupation: God
Affiliation: Wandering Traders, BRRA

Past Education:

"I have gone through a lot of pain, and I'll make sure no one feels that pain ever again." -PC

PC, founder of the BRRA and a member of the Wandering Traders, is the god of this specific reality. They are an Ex-human who went through many supernatural experiences in his journey to become god. They are friendly and help people when needed, however they can get angered easily and will retort violently if provoked too much.

They were born in Brooklyn, into a wealthy american family. However, up until his noclip, their parents neglected them, causing them to get many near death experiences.

After their education, they decided to work as an engineer at an unknown company.

After they noclipped into the backrooms, they were led towards an MEG facility where he worked for a few years before leaving to become a member of the wandering traders. There, he saved the backrooms multiple times, sacrificing his life many times but refusing to die, returning as a ghost.

As a human, PC had orange-ish short hair, glasses, light skin, and brown eyes. He wore glasses and often used a plain gray shirt with a white collar and blue jeans. As a human, they are 5'11 and was very lightly muscular. They often wore a smug expression but is not intimidating in the slightest.

In their God form, however, they lose all their hair and grow horns and a halo. Their skin becomes completely white with a few pitch black patches in the left facial area and at the tip of their limbs. In this form, they are 11 feet tall and grow a bit more muscle. It is said that their glare could freeze enemies in fear. If you have angered them, pray that you will be receiving a moderately painful death because PC does not give any less than that.


  • In the frontrooms, PC has a count of over 91837173 near death experiences, most of which a normal person would've died in.
  • They have died a total of 5 times during their stay in the backrooms.
  • They have three souls inside themselves, Their soul, apocalypse's soul, and "him"'s soul.
  • They are the most recent god of the backrooms.
  • There used to be a curse preventing them from leaving the backrooms.
  • They are the second most powerful creature in the backrooms, the first being [REDACTED] and JE being the close third.
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