Pc's Guide

Hello. I am PC, the god of this realm. I have explored the backrooms for many years and I have learned a lot of things you need to know to survive being trapped here. If you want more level specific guides, then you can check out other guides found in this wiki as well.

Here's some basic survival tips for ya:

  • Do not consume the moss unless completely necessary for survival (very unlikely due to reduced hunger and thirst in the backrooms).
  • Don't trust anyone completely, especially if they look recently deceased or lack human features.
  • Gather up resources and keep your mind occupied. Keeping your sanity is important.
  • Red, viscous liquid is no good for you. Do not drink it.
  • Not red, water-like almond scented liquids are good for nutrients and sanity.
  • Entities are dangerous. If you encounter one, do not scream. Follow specific instructions or kill it.
  • Avoid Danger Class 3+ levels unless you have weaponry and a trained guide.
  • ANYTHING marked with a "=)" at the end is not to be trusted.
  • Refrain from entering anything that seems "glitched" or "corrupted". The devs will get to it soon enough.

Now, onto the more complex stuff. When you first no-clip, you will probably end up in one of 3 levels. Level 0 is the safest of the bunch, with the least entities. If you end up here, stay there. Wander around if you'd like, but try not to move too much. The less energy you spend here, the better. Do not panic. Panicking drains your sanity. Also, even if it is unlikely, try and find people. People claim to be part of the BRRA or Wandering Traders are to be trusted, but take that with a grain of salt. They might be lying. Be aware of who you trust.

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