Peu Character Wikipage

Name: Penguin Explorer Unknown
Height: ~173+cm
Birthday: 12/22
Past incident: Infected by a partygoer and when recovered, maintained a partygoer intellegence

Early life: In 2036 December 29th, a fast spreading unknown virus was reported in his kindergarden school. His teacher was patient zero. The highly deadly virus had took hold of the school, PEU became infected and was coughing and having nosebleeds. He was rushed to the hospital and coughs on a doctor. The infected doctor went to moscow in Russia to deliver some of his discovery. He infected a russian soldier who was PEU's father. PEU is living with his mother and his grandmother at that time. PEU loves potato porridge and his grandmother won't hesitate to cook for him. "Seek those who are willing enough to help them, perhalps two shall do"

Middle School: PEU only has 5 years of education. Because all his family members died in the The Great Decline and is unable to support his income. However, PEU learns very quickly and realizes that during the 7th grade, he could already take part time jobs. "He is the cause of all causes, but the effect for null effect"

High School: PEU hangs out at the garden. At this point, he studied magnetic distortion to save his father. After all, that's his wish. In school, he and his friends experiment on atoms and molecuoles and noclipping. They plan to go through objects. PEU goes to the school garden and however his friend caused a massive explosion in the A-sync laboratory which caused the backrooms to go unstable. PEU fled the scene. From this point onward, PEU felt that the walls are much softer and less firm then it is before. "A wish for its destruction, is a wish for renuion"

Lore/Info: Wears a glasses and works as a engineer back in 2048. PEU lives in a type 2.3 civilsation. Now working as a doctor in 2050. PEU lives in the future with his four best friends. During 2037, a new virus had devasted the country which resulted in over 69.4 million deaths. His parents are no doubt the casualties. Now working alone, he wanders along the streets before accidentally noclipped through a floor that dropped him in Level 0. The incident was in 2051 July 18th. Although he plays a piano he had to unfortunately sell it in order to earn money so that he can get three meals. PEU bought a flying car and a laboratory. In 2049 November 23rd, he was left with an acid one time and accidentally caused an explosion. PEU was fined $2000 for public property vandalism. Regardless, PEU is still determined to find a job. A doctor decided to hire him as he was caught saving an old man's life from a caradic arrest. PEU was working in his office when suddenly a brown spot appeared, out of curiosity, he touched the brown spot and unknowingly fell into a hole before ending up in level 0. "Destiny cannot be averted, yet consequence are avoidable, maybe"

Appearance: Black hair and is around 150-170cm. Normally wears a glasses and has thin but yet flexible fingers.

Social info: Had four great friends, Krystalisa, Kadenshik, and Caton. He then made another six to eight great friends in the backrooms.

Current bio: Lives with Ari and Zan with a small base created by them as well. They hope to rescue people in the backrooms. PEU is working as a support, he dresses up wounds, boosts up strength and extends base.

Nicknames: Peng, Pen, Penz

Occupation: Alchemist, an engineer or a doctor
Affilation: The wandering traders, The survivors and The M.E.G.

PEU comfort food is potatoes, he grows them in the base.
PEU can't handle spicy things
PEU can use backrooms object and creates stuff as he is an engineer and doctor
PEU sometimes wished he is back to the frontrooms
PEU cannot be left with an acid or he might accidentally explode the base
PEU's IQ is the highest amongst the group with an average IQ of around 180 to 220.
PEU almost drowned and therefore took swimming classes
Sometimes, PEU disappears for no reason, but he did mentioned something about the PaGo instinct

"An oasis of knowledge is a mirage in the deserts of ignorance"

"Its not enough to be good, we must do good", ~PEU 2049

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