Potential Threats

In this section contains a list of potential worldly threats that have the capable power and ability to eliminate the whole of the Backrooms of it's existence and entirety. These threats are potential threats and are not considered deadly in any way until confirmed so. Though, keep a keen eye incase of anything so that we can protect the Backrooms at all costs.

Potential Threats Lv. 1

Rearranging floors

Potential Threats Lv. 2

The Glitch (Eliminated)
Miasmic tumors
Dark mold
The Abyss (Eliminated)

Potential Threats Lv. 3

The RedWack virus ( Euthanized by PEU as a secret )
The Indecipherable Halo (Eliminated)
The Students (Escaped)
JE (Considered as a World Enemy, Escaped)
RE (The Agency has classified RE as a Class-U Entity. Further Notice not Serious.)
Fly's mom (Too gargantuan in size to be considered real)

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