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Welcome to The Wandering Wiki! This is a backrooms database by wanderers, for wanderers!

6/5/22: Level 38 is added, entity page is largly updated
2/5/22: The upper base of the wiki is adjusted
24/4/22: Guides to the backrooms, an extra content!
22/4/22: Levels page updated
17/4/22: Level 144 is added
10/4/22: Level 55 is added to the wikipage
8/4/22: Made adjustments to PEU's wiki page
3/4/22: Level 168 is added to the levels page and a new condition
2/4/22: Potential Threat List provided by [REDACTED] added to homepage.
2/4/22: Planned Arcs added to DESKTOP-ACCESS
19/3/22: Object 25 is added to the objects list as well as Condition 7.
16/3/22: Level 71 Gft1<-a<>G=Nnّ5913/3/22: Entity 6 is added to the entities page
11/3/22: Level 15 is added to the levels page
6/3/22: Level 100-199 had been completed
6/3/22: Level 77 is added Level 77 as well as object 2 Object 2 and Object 21
27/2/22: First 20 objects is added as well as Level 20 001
27/2/22: Condition 3 is added. Condition 3
26/2/22: Big update to this wiki.
25/2/22: Level update; Level 106 added
18/2/22: Corrosion system installed
6/2/22: A series of level called "Trichonoya" is added to the levels page
15/1/22: Level 14 added to levels page.
12/1/22: The Huge Ass Lore Dump Update
12/1/22: BIG CHANGES! New page in Database
4/1/22: Large addition to new number of pages as well as Level 89
12/11/21: The Okie Doki! Update
12/3/21: Anomaly 008 added to entities page
11/29/21: Sub levels page updated
11/26/21: Entities now can contain the tag, Related Incidents
11/26/21: Big update to entities page
11/25/21: Page of Level 23 has corrected
11/23/21: Levels page updated!
11/22/21: Added Logs to the Database
11/21/21: Changed Joy Edna to JE for private reasons
11/19/21: New entity discovered
11/18/21: The first story on the site has been uploaded!
11/13/21: Site's up? Site's up!










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