Entity 223
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Danger level: Dangerously Safe
Habitat: Level 20001, Level 18 and The Welly Land
Rarity: Slightly rare


Description: This entity is extremely friendly. It gives items to wanderers and will bounce towards them. They are 4 feet tall and can be colored as blue, red, purple, gray or even orange. The entity is soft to touch and emits a nice smell. The plush droplet will always smile and will always smile. He has dots for eye and loves to be with wanderer. No matter how hard you punch him, it will always feel like punching against a titanium rock.

Behavior: Entity walks around or idle there saying "welly" every 40 seconds. But this become inconsistant once a wanderer is present. The plush droplet can be found in very safe levels.

Dos and Don'ts
Hug him
Befriend with him
Treat him
Love him

Hurt it

Diet: Sweetened bananas, Marshberryies and Whipped Cowabs

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