Titan Smilers

Danger level: 5
Extremely hostile
Extremely dangerous
Possible cognitohazard

Rarity: Very Rare

Habitat: The Smiler Room, PC's Room, Level !, Very rarely in level 1

Titan Smilers are mutated and extraordinarily hostile versions of the Smiler. They are very aggressive and will give chase on sight. They are immune to any termination attempts and anger easily. Unlike the smiler, Titan Smilers are able to be seen past their glowing faces. They are large and lanky humanoids with pitch black bodies that absorb 99.999% of visible light. They have large claws for hands and feet. They also have 4 arms for reasons still unknown. They can run at 70 mph, and even faster when in contact with bright lights. The Titan Smiler's teeth are sharper than normal smilers. While they prefer to live in dark environments, they feed on light and become stronger when in contact with bright sources of light. Their method of killing prey is unknown, but once it catches prey, all signs of that prey are gone.

Do's and Dont's


  • Run Away
  • Go through small gaps
  • Stay away from The Smiler Room
  • Stay away from the dark


  • Shine bright lights.
  • Attempt to terminate the entity.
  • Stand Still
  • Anger it in any way
  • Make yourself seen
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