This is the official tutorial page for the update. You can use the format given here for each of your character’s wikipages and they’re freeeeee!! So go ahead, use the format to start lore dumping your character!

Lore Template

(OC’s Name)
(Additional Name Form)
(Additional Name Form)


(Your OC’s various nicknames if they have any)

Gender: (Your OC’s gender)
Age: (Your OC’s age. If they have split ages like JE, indicate the real ages and split ages)
Birthday: (Your OC’s birthday)
Height: (Your OC’s height)
Hairs: (Your OC’s hair color)
Eyes: (Your OC’s eye color)

(Your OC’s relatives)

Status: (Your OC’s status, alive or something)
Occupation: (Your OC’s occupation in the Backrooms)
Affiliation: (Your OC’s Affiliation in the Backrooms)
Past Education:

(If your OC has any past education, state their schools here. You can make up names if you want it’s totally okay)

(Your OC’s quote if they have any)

-(Your OC’s name)

(You can now start writing your character’s lore dump here! Just make sure you delete all this and actually replace them with your characters information. Mostly I recommend how I did it. This is the order I went for)

Early Days(like origin of birth place and early days of your character and what they did during that time)
Middle School
High School
More extended information

(You can do it in random order but I suggest you have these ones: Appearance, Information, More extended Information and Early Days. Especially their birth place and origin because it’s interesting I guess)

(After all that, you may do a trivia section below all of that like this)


(Your OC’s extra trivia stuff like fun facts and stuff)

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