Planned Updates


New Generation Update
- All OCs can be updated incase you want to.
- New Season Tag(+)
- New Generation Part 1

  • New changes to the Wikidot

A few things will be modified.
A personal in-character exclusive letter from JE thanking you for her journey and the funtimes she had in the Backrooms and her official ‘departure’.
A few antiques found by JE that has relation to the Edna Bloodline.
A Official 3 Year Celebration Announcement(TBP)
All of JE’s status will be changed to Retired after her final post on the wikidot.

- New Generation Part 2

  • A few admin exclusive additions(TBA)
  • What’s in for the year?, A new news-like area that is added in the wikidot to post/announce things confirmed for the year.
  • Seasonal Appearance and Rank can be added for OCs.

- For example, Season 0-(TBC) will have one of the 1st Generation rank.

These are all ranks from highest to lowest

1st Generation Ranks(Season 0 - TBC)
Original Character(1st Generation)
A True Wandering Trader
Long-term Survival

2nd Generation Ranks(Season 9/10 - TBC)
Original Character(2nd Generation)
An Expert Wandering Trader
Witnesses(Awarded if OC has been through all 2nd Generation Events)
Backrooms Specialist
Still Living, Still Going(2nd Generation Exclusive)

New Generation Ranks(TBC but Seasons onwards will have +)
Original Character+ (New Generation Exclusive)
Descendent(New Generation Exclusive)
Wandering Trader+ (New Generation Exclusive)
New Game+ (Awarded if OC is a descendent/related to a previous OC)

  • A final welcome from me into a New Generation!

2023 TBD Updates

??/?/23: New Generation Update
Estimated: 10/1/23
Estimated time taken: 216 days

2022 Updates
6/5/22: Another large update to entities page
24/2/22: The new secondary page is here!!! Additional Guides to the backrooms is added so as a new level! Time for next major update has shortened by 75 days.
22/4/22: Levels page updated to a whole new level
17/4/22: Level 144 is added.
10/4/22: Level 55 is added.
3/4/22: Level 168 is added to the levels page and a new condition
2/4/22: Potential Threat List provided by [REDACTED] added to homepage.
2/4/22: Planned Arcs Section added to DESKTOP-ACCESS.
19/3/22: Cryosalt or Object 25 has been added
16/3/22: Level 71 Gf�t�1<��-�a�<����>�G�=�Nnّ�
13/3/22: Entity 6 is added to the entities page.
11/3/22: Level 15 is added to the levels page. Level 15 «««««« Check it out!
6/3/22: Levels 77, objects 2 and 21 is added. You can check them out now!
* Levels 100-199 is added!
27/2/22: Condition Page updated
»>First 20 objects is added«<
{ level 20 001 had been added }
26/2/22: Big update to the page, objects and conditions are now available, go ahead and see them!!!
Most updates are weekly updates
25/2/22: Level 106 is added to level page
- Check out Level 106 <—— here
18/2/22 A new system called corrosion is updated into the wiki!!!
6/2/22: A level series called Trichonoya levels are released. There are levels 98, 99, 107, 108, 110. Fill free to check these 5 new levels out!!!
15/1/22: Level 14 is added to level page
- Check out Level 14 <—— here
12/1/22: The Huge Ass Lore Dump Update
Additional Information:
- It’s finally here! The Huge Ass Lore Dump Update! HALDU (HALDU)
- You can now add your character’s full story/lore dump into BackroomsPlus!
- Visit BackroomsPlus! for more!
12/1/22: BIG CHANGES! New page in Database
Additional Information:
- Updates will now be moved here in this page. Updates can still be edited and updated on the main page but most updates will have additional information so visit here for more info about that said update!
4/1/22: Large addition to new number of pages as well as Level 89

2021 Updates
12/11/21: The Okie Doki! Update
Additional Information:
- The Students have been added to the entities page
12/3/21: Anomaly 008 added to entities page
11/29/21: Sub levels page updated
11/26/21: Entities now can contain the tag, Related Incidents
11/26/21: Big update to entities page
11/25/21: Page of Level 23 has corrected
11/23/21: Levels page updated!
11/22/21: Added Logs to the Database
11/21/21: Changed Joy Edna to JE for private reasons
11/19/21: New entity discovered
11/18/21: The first story on the site has been uploaded!
11/13/21: Site's up? Site's up!

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